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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  April 29, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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but the savings account of a cave-man! hey sports fans check this out. [ beep ] oops, my bad. earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking, baby! ooh, 3-d! instead of earning bupkus, your savings could be earning three times the national average! three times more. go online to what's in your wallet? what's this do? [ beeping ]  >> good evening. we are going to begin tonight with park ran ranger who may have saved a life thanks to a glimmer in the
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sun. man who was stuck at the bottom of a cliff the past 4 days. his car went off the road between grizzly peak and south park drive in till park. here's vick lee. >> the emergency call came in at 10:40 this morning. car over a cliff. off gridley peak boulevard in till park. laid model honda landed up right 150 feet down a steep hill. investigators say the car skidded about 200 yards before going off the road and plunging down the cliff. chief robert lip says it was a difficult rescue. >> it's very thick, dense and tall scrub brush through the area an it was very high angle rescue to get the patient out. >> firefighters finally brought 53-year-old james wright to safety. they used ropes to repel down the steep hill. when they reached him they set up rope and pulley to bring him up safely in a litter basket.
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it could have been different if 29-year-old park ranger florez hadn'tpoed the sun reflection off the car roof. he ran down to the vehicle. >> and there was a guy in the car. and i opened the door and he was okay. l and he said hi. you are going to be all right. >> florez was relieve. wright was not hurt. >> he seemed really tired. thirsty. that was the main thing. he wanted a sip of water. >> florez says he doesn't consider himself to be a here of the he was just doing his job. wright was taken to high land hospital. firefighters tell us that he didn't seem to be seriously injury. vick lee, 7 news. san jose police officers union announced today that it is willing to accept a 10% pay cut in order to save more than 100 jobs. the police officer association proposal includes reducing pension benefits as well. retiring officers can opt to take 80 percent instead of 90 percent of the pay. but many low seniority officers
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will still get laid off or demoted as san jose tries to close a 118 million dollar budget deficit. of. >> we made concession once again and they are telling us even if you concede total our demand, we are still going to lay folks off. tough to get your arms around. >> significant step. it's not nearly enough to solve the problem with sky rocketing cost of pension benefits. >>reporter: union offer also includes not paying officers for the unused sick days. >> san jose annual cinco de mayo parade and festival cancelled. american gi forum can no longer afford the may 5th celebration. event has been held in san jose the last 3 decades. the latino veteran group says the economy and the high cost of the city mandated police security presence has made it simply unaffordable. city hall and gi forum tang the el over cost since 1997 when the violence broke out during the gathering. it drew nearly
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400,000 people l that year. oakland is struggling with serious budget problems as wel well. services have already been reduced and more cuts are on the way. mayor kwan has been on the job 4 months now and today she unveiled her first budget. she admits implementing it will be paiing painful. don sanchez. >> we really wanted to try to be fair. to spread the pain. to have a sense of shared sacrifice. >>reporter: no department is immune. city already cut people and programs and there will be more soon. trying to overcome a 58 million dollar damaging deficit the mayor has come up with 3 budget proposal proposals. you might call them the good, the bad and the ugly. and in the worst case scenario the results could be devastating. and she's asking departments to prepare for that one. it would reduce the number of police officers further, close 4 fire stations, close brancheliminate
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the film office and art staff. all city employees would have to take 15 mandatory leave without payday. dominic the president of the police officers association told me that's a matter for negotiations. he says they want to work with the city to save money but cut backs have made it dangerous for officers on the street. >> we have tried to be as frugal and conservative as we can. >>reporter: elected officials will feel it too. >> we are asking our employees to contribute somewhere between 10 and 15 percent. >>reporter: mayor says they don't know how much revenue the city will be guest. empty businesses don't help the balance sheet. she wants to add a parcel tax but spokesperson for councilman pl says he opposed that. for resident, it becomes a quality of life issue. >> i think that's kind of a blow to the city. because pump know with all these cuts and everything just doesn't look good over all. >> we need the funding. there can be a way it could be resolved. i believe it. we
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pull together. >>reporter: expect negotiationss to heat up during the next two months. in oakland, 7 news. >> the alameda city council is expected to approve a proposed contract to hire oakland city attorney russo as new city manager. russo would earn a base salary of 215,000 dollars. if approved by the council next tuesday would he start in june. it's been rumored that russo would leave his post as oakland city attorney after mayor kwan hired an advisor who is an opponent of had proposed gang injunction. >> quite a few people saw the smokey fire off highway 6 80 in walnut creek this evening. we were overhead as firefighters ripped open the roof at the town house on rock lane. no one was hurt. no word yet on what caused the fire. and firefighters are still trying to determine the cause of a major apartment building fire in antioch this morning. it broke out around 6:00 a.m. near the intersection of 20th and many 8 street. 2 story
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building has retail space on the ground floor and apartment units on the second floor. no injuries reported there as well. well now to the big money and big oil. profit for the major companies totalled 34 billion dollars in the first quarter of this year. just as pump praises head toward record legal. san ramone base chevron announced the earnings today. as laura explains, quickly defended them. >> profit doesn't bug me. praise bugs me. >>reporter: chris never payed this much for a tank of gas before. his expensive visit to the chevron station coincide with the company announcing huge jump in profit for the first quarter of this year. >> we are earning money by finding and developing energy like oil and natural gas. >>reporter: chevron 36 percent jump in first quarter profit is dwarfed by those of several other company. l this rose 44 percent. shell 60 percent. and exxon 69 percent. >> every penny and more went
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into bringing energy to the world. >>reporter: chevron is running this ad to ease consumer concern about their high profi profit. but not everyone is buying the mess aichblingt we understand and appreciate the impact that high fuel prices have on consumer particularly people who are struggling in an economy still trying to recover. but the most important way to address those high energy prices are within crease efficiency and more supply. >> i think people have every reason to be suspicious or even outraged about an industry that is raking in 6.2 billion dollars for one company in a quarter or shell 9 billion dollars in the first quarter. at the same time feel entitled to take another 4 billion dollars off taxpayers. >>reporter: president obama calling for an end to 4 billion dollar in tax subsidy for big oil companies. chevron san ramone headquarters located in congressman p.m. district here and he told us it's not acceptable big oil gas company are taking in sky high profit when middle class family barely
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afford to fill up the car. clearly it is time to end subsidy for big oil and gas companies. now the oil oil company say the ability to deduct cost from tax break noise different than any other industry and the first meeting is convened of new group called the oil gas price fraud working group. that's on monday in washington, d.c. in alamo, abc 7 news. city county government may have been reaping a windfall from rising gas prices. latest figure available show california collected 1 26 million dollars in gasoline, sales taxes in the month of january. 13 percent increase. and that's when gas was 1.-- 1 dollar a gallon cheaper. local sales tax increase when the price goes up while the state collects a flat per gallon fee. >> one more business note to pass along. yahoo has cut the compensation of its ceo by 75 percent. that means carol bart received 11.9 million dollars
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last year. far less than she would have gotten. much of that drop comes in reduced options. sunnyvale base yahoo is struggling to increase its bottom line performance. more coming up tonight. fv fans demaned punishment and they got it as we continue. fate of visiting coach accused of bad behavior at giants ballpark. >> i thought i had seniority over everybody but i was wrong. >>reporter: 89 years old and now he may lose his home. update tonight on bay area community ravaged by floods. >> i'm in the accu-weather forecast center. week ahead warm and warmer.i'll have all the details in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thavrjts plus the vow sealed with a kiss. twice. and the secret wedding whisper of today royal ceremony. stay with us. secret wedding whisper of today royal ceremony. stay with us. much more to come /
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gee the coach accused of bad behavior is on leave. mcdowell accused of making homophobe ick remark and crude gesture at the giants ballpark. one fan represented by attorney gloria allred claims mcdowell threatened him with a bat after he objected to the coach's actions and language in front of his children. the braves have barred him from the field this weekend as the investigation continues. major league baseball is also investigating. >> now to the latest on brian stochlt he's the giants fan who was so savagely beaten at dodger game in los angeles few weeks back. doctors say he is no longer being see dated and there are no seizure so far.
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good news. while stow is still in a coma doctors say this could change once the medication is out of his system. >> tonight the city moving toward shutting down a mobile home park that was swamped with floodwater during last month storms. here's what the pacific cove mobile home park looked like at the height of the flooding in march. well now many of the people there may soon be forced to leave. the story from corina. >>reporter: cap toll a own the pacific cove mobile home park property for about 30 years. jackson has been here longer than that. 40 years. >> i thought i had seniority over everybody but i was wrong. there were 2 ahead of me. >>reporter: now he an his neighbors face a prospect of moving. when a drainage pipe broke on march 24th it sent a bunch of world trade center through the property and into downtown cap toll a. the city says it would cost 1.9 million to repair the damage while relocating the 26 full-time
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resident would cost roughly 1.4 million. >> even if the city made the investment to bring the park up to code the park would remain in the flood plain. council is concerned about the long-term safety of the situation and about the long-term vision of the community. >>reporter: many park resident say the city had neglected the property for years and the flood is similar play good excuse to close the park. >> it's their property. so you know they can do what they wan want. and it looks like they are going to do what they want. >>reporter: the city leaders say any final decision is still 6 months away. the flood damage is so extensive many homes are still off limits. sidney just got back into his place last week. andrew just got clearance today to return home. >> until the city makes some suggestions for alternative housing i think i need to wait and see but in the mean time i'm trying to just settle down and get back to my normal routine. >>reporter: if and when the official decision comes to close the park, the city has
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another problem. 89-year-old sidney jackson. >> i told them that's the only way you get you have to pick me up and throw me out on the avenue and i don't think the law will allow that. >> the city says if indeed the park is shut down it would be at least a year from now before people have to move out and people like sidney who have been here for a long time and are full-time residents would be compensated more than someone would has a mobile home here for vacation use. this is abc 7 news. al rear sight on the streets of san francisco today. that's a decommission missile down 19 avenue. it is was being taken from fort barry to the pacific coast dream machine show half moon bay airport. it's going to be on display there on sunday from 10 until 4 if you want to go take a closer look. vintage 1950s nike missile could knock down enemy plane traveling at 2 and a half times the speed of sound.
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impressive. >> that is odd sichlingt. >> like the old soviet union. >> yes. spencer here with what looks like a spectacular weekend. >> it's a super week ahead. just get warmer and warmer. it will feel almost like summer by midweek next week. live view right now from downtown san jose from the pavilion. i won't give away the sports but shark enjoy a little sunshine right now shall we say. and i'm sure the local fans are happy about that. let's look at the current temperature reading. skies clear and temperatures are mainly in the mid upper 50's around the bay area right now. still 60 over at antioch our warm spot at the moment. these are the highlights. another clear and chilly night tonight. not quite so cold as last night but pretty chilly. warming trend continues into the weekend through next week mild to warm. here's our satellite close-up showing what happened this afternoon. we have nice dry flow winds down from the north t.clear skies. no clouds.
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sunny from the coast to inland area and as we look at the movement over the next couple days we see the center of high pressure start to shift inland. briefly offshore flow tomorrow morning shift back to on shore flow and by sunday we get more sustained offshore flow and that will contribute to more warming so we have temperatures climbing up around almost summer lake levels by sunday monday. here's a look at projected low pressure and early morning low dropping down to 37 degrees at napa. 40 at santa rosa. so pretty chilly in the inland north bay. even in the inland east bay chilly in some spots. livermore a low of 41. most location see low anywhere from mid to upper 40' 40's. then tomorrow a gloriou gloriously sunny day in the south bay with high pressure in the low to mid 70's. 73 at cooper tuner saratoga and san jose. 72 in redwood city and menlo park. 74 at los altos. low 60's on the coast. getting a little bit milder there in and around san francisco high
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of 68 downtown. 63 in the sun set district. north bay high will be mainly in the mid to upper 70's. up to 78 at santa rosa and calistoga 77 at sonom sonoma. 75 petaluma. nearest bay high low 70's for the most part. couple spots like hayward and richmond top out at 69 but we see 73 at oakland. castro valley 72 at free mochbility inland east bay even milder. 75 at danville. 76 at concord. 79 at antioch and 78 at brentwood and high of 62 at monterey. 74 in santa cruz and inland we see 73 in morgan hill and 75 in gilroy. here's the accu-weather 7 day forecast. 7 sunny days ahead. and it will be mild weekend and even warmer week next week by wednesday and thursday. we see inland high in the mid to upper 80's. upper 70's around the bay and mid 60's on the coast. this is most longest sustained period of warm weather we have had in quite some time. >> nice. enjoy it. thanks very much. >> coming next. you get the
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royal treatment. internet record set by today's wedding and l 3 title later prince william new name. 30 words and l 3 title later prince william new name. 30 words long. stay with us we are fourteenth in line for takeoff. looks like it's bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! ♪ [ child ] the train is now arriving. [ male announcer ] the train has arrived indeed. in honor of amtrak's 40th anniversary, kids ride free for 40 days. details at
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>> i announce you man and wife together. >> the spectacular royal wedding of prince william and kate middleton captures the world attention. it was filled with pageant, military and who's who of power and fame and prince william and catherine got hitched without a hitch. estimated 2 bill people watched it worldwide on television.
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that is one third the planet. regard number of people nearly two million watched the wedding by live stream on the internet. the web did get clogged up early this morning and slowed way down but quickly repwouped as people logged off and went back to work. fairy tale over for them. now to the unscripted and endearingly human moments of the day. many revealed thanks to a lip reade reader. here's nick water. >> william greeted kate and her dad with a nervous joke. supposed to have just a small family affair. and the ring? what was going on? wrong size? warm fingers? check out the queen. checking out her. newest relative. fashion? l well no one missed princess beatrice hat. already. got its own facebook page. enough said. ceremony over. kate i'm so happy. but it's a long ride. long day. kate flagged. cue william. you have to wave
9:24 pm
back. even if it's too much for you. only one horse bolte bolted. photographed by an abc producer. mane while relief in the westminster abbey that it's all over. yes you really did just see that. harry rode with the kid. sweet little tom the page boy son of william nanny he has the royal wave down. this little brides made not so much. kate on the balcony. oh, wow! indeed. kate marvel they are in perfect formation. william all business. come on, okay. the kiss? first kiss was a little weak. we were unimpressed. >> kiss her again. you want this asks william, another kis kiss. now fable second kiss. new royal tradition perhaps? >> i'm taking credit for the second kiss. i started the chant. >> tom knew good fun being with the royal family. then another royal tradition. queen decided that was enough. and everyone
9:25 pm
followed. and all those fancy hats at the wedding. l they are actually called fascination. turns out searches on google are up 67 percent for them. one bay area wedding boutique says they are already seeing up take in the hats for brides. >> and one last note about the royal wedding. it is tradition. prince william and kate middleton have now received new titles upon their marriage. they are now the duke and duchess of cambridge. the title dates back to the early 18 century during the stewart rule. the title has been extinct since 1981 when the last duck of cambridge died without an heir prince george on the left. he by the way caused an scandal by marrying an actress. prince william 2 other title today. that means his full name now get a pencil out for this. his royal behind east prince william arthur philip lewis duke of cambridge earth of straight, barren
9:26 pm
fearing us, royal knight companion of the most noble order of the guarder, master of pavrments mouthful. >> well we change gear. coming up when we continue tonight. devastating tornadoes in the south. president obama is surprised by the accident of the damage that he saw firsthand in alabama today. fichlt i still love her. and so l and i know she still loves me. >> east bay man tells the i team about his role in getting his wife arrested. how long did he know she was having sex with teenagers? >> and spreading the wealth. why this man was arrested for giving away money on a bus. >> another half hour of news giving away money on a bus. >> another half hour of news begins in just a moment. 
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>> good evening once again. we begin this half hour with another exclusive on the livermore woman serving 5 year prison sentence for having sex with teenagers. tonight her husband tells the 7 news i team that he will stay with christine despite the terrible impact her crimes have had on their family. but he faces a serious question himself. did he know what was happening? full seven months before her arrest? he spoke with our dan. >> from the outside tim and christine hub appeared to have the perfect life. they met at brigham young university. got married at the mormon temple in salt lake city. had 3 kid. thriving dental practice in livermore. 4600 square foot home. cabin in tahoe. fancy
9:30 pm
cars. >> out of 22 years of marriage we have had 20 years that were good. we have had a couple years of rough times. >>reporter: the rough times started when christine who was 40 got involved with two 14-year-olds. her daughter boyfriend at middle school. and later with his best friend. >> you had the secret now. >> i know. it was horrible. >>reporter: secret to keep from your family. from everyone. >> yaishtion even though she knew the consequence she spent tens of thousands of dollars on gift for the boys. had sex with them in hotel. spare bedroom at the hub house. and in the back of her hummer with the hum dinge license plate. the frame reads you can't handle the truth. but it was her texting that finally got her arrested. and her husband played a key role. >> i found out that there was some communication going on. >>reporter: tim caught christine texting boy no. 1 late one night. and warned the boy's mother to check his phon phone. she found a photo of a woman's naked breast and called tim to come see it.
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>> well i was first of all shocked. but. >>reporter: any dhut it was christine. >> no. i knew it was my wife. >>reporter: tim says yes that's my wife. i think the only way she will stop is if you go to the police. and she goes to the police. >>reporter: tim says when he told christine police were on the way she finally admitted what she had done. >> after she told me i just couldn't believe it and yes i think for about three days i cried and p.m. it still is hard. to think about it. >>reporter: tell me about that moment when you found out i'm in trouble. >> i know. i was relieved. i was relieved. i was relieved. i thought okay i'm completely done. i don't have to worry about it. don't have to think bit. i cab go pay my due and get, i never thought i would be in jail this long but l you know that's the way it is. so l i'll pay for it. >>reporter: last month christine received a 5 year prison sentence with time
9:32 pm
served she could get out in two years. she chose state prison over county jail so she could have contact visits with her kids so she won't have to meet them through the glass of a visiting room window. >> if dinner time being home account kid. getting them ready for the next day. him i if. >>reporter: what about christine 2 victims? she says don't worry. >> they are good kid. they are going to be fine. they are going to good on and be successful. it doesn't have to be this, him if it was nobody was ever pushed into i never pushed them into anything. >>reporter: that leads to us comments we found again and again on blog about hummer mom. where the heck was this chick when i was 14? another writes it's hard to think of these boys as true victims. the mother of boy no. 1 sent me a statement. i'm
9:33 pm
sure people would feel differently if they were to happen to their son. i only hope going forward the people will change their double standard thinking and realize male or female a pedophile is a pedophile. >> it is frustrating because if it was a man from would be no question that this man was evi evil, scum of the earth. the dirty pit of society. >>reporter: detective steve worked for 150 sex crime cases and he says the effect on a young victim is the same boy or girl. >> baggage they will carry motionally, i don't think they will ever be a proper connection between love and intimacy and sex and christina stole that from both boys. >>reporter: tim says his family is all starting therapy. he also has to start working to reviolatesize his departmental practice. he says he's lost 10% of his patients because of this scandal. despite the damage christina caused he wants to stay
9:34 pm
married. >> i still love her and so and i know she still loves me. and we have our children and so p.m. and when i got married to her it was fore tern ty l in our religion and that's what i want to make sure that i would like to stay together if we can work everything out. >>reporter: so many issues to address among them how long was the controversy brewing in the marriage. >> before this finally blew up did you see any inclination that something this bad was going on. >>reporter: no i didn't actually. >>reporter: detectives question whether that's true. >> i found some communication between tim and christine where he was telling her that he knew that she was having sex fwl boy no. 1. >>reporter: the livermore police gave me a series of text messages from november 2009 full seven months before christine arrest. month before she started having sex with boy no. 2. tim writes to christine sol l what up with your lover? he gives the boy's name. she
9:35 pm
answers are you drunk again? tim writes to the boy, you touch or text or talk to my wife again equals hx. shorthand for history. tim text christine proof says it all. private detective are cheap. i have everything. it's over. is this the lady i married 20 years ago? she sure looks like it on the video. gross. now what? well, after everything i still love you. i think i will just end it now. can't live another day. >> being that i didn't have a detective nor was there a video i was trying to get any information out of her due to the rumor could i and she would laugh at me acting like it was silly. >>reporter: tim is tlovt pick up the pieces. the tahoe cabin is gone. so is the hummer. he's packing up the house to move out. >> i just think that's part of the rebuilding. yes. too many memory in this house and stuff like that. sol i'm ready to start anew. >>reporter: i'm posting a blog
9:36 pm
within site into christine including several text message she sent the boys.i'll also discuss why she's not technically a pedophile. that's on our web site. also send us a story tip there or by calling this number on the screen. this is abc 7 news. >> to the tornadoes now not south. 8-year-old alabama boy who was sucked up into a tornado says it was like floating in the air and then floating back down. confirmed death toll now stands at 3 29. at least 238 in alabama alone. president and mros bama today turld parts of alabama devastated by deadly tornado outbreak. president says he has never seen damage like this and promises government help in rebuilding. >> we have already provided disaster december egg nation required to make sure the maximum federal help comes here as quickly as possible nishtion alabama nearly 1 million homes and businesses are still without power and water.
9:37 pm
national weather service says wednesday was the deadliest day for tornadoes since 1932. >> in the mean time there is new facebook page up today trying to link victims of thursday tornadoes with photo oshtion documents and other personal effects blown away in the storm. it's also become a landing page for people sending their thoughts prayers and even some special help to those in need. so many of them. problems with the endeavor hydraulic system force nasa to delay today's launch of the shuttle. until at least mondayed. that didn't stop the president and first lady from meeting with the crew including mission commander mark kelly. they also met with his wife congresswoman giffords. she was as you recall badly wounded by a gun man in january in tucson, arizona but was that cape for the launch today? obama flew to florida after touring tornado damage in alabama 8. mitch danielle will sign a bill restricting abortion and making indiana the
9:38 pm
first state to cut off all government funding for planned parenthood. daniels is considering a run for presiden president. it's thought this move is intended to beef up his decree depositional among social conservative. >> coming up next. economic l sports. big money issues facing the key players both on and off the field. >> book list. author find new and off the field. >> book list. author find new way to sell a book.i'll be 
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>> there is new twist in 10-year-old murder mystery tonight. district attorney's office s that hair clothing and shoes found in the home of the man accused of killing miss harms were not hers. in fact investigators say the hair was from a wig. 42-year-old harms disappeared 2001. the man suspected of killing her was shot to death at san jose coffee shop in january by harm's brother. the wig clothing and shoes were found in the home after he was kille killed. game on game off. today a federal appeals court granted the nfl request to essentially reinstate the lock out. as
9:42 pm
david louie reports some players tried to return to the field today but the dispute still far from over. >> on the surface it looks like there is still hope for 2011 nfl season. but the draft under way could disappear and so could salary cap depending upon how the court rule on dispute between team owners and players. >> since there is no collective bargaining agreement in football, about l there won't be one in basketball after the play offs end, the management is sort of flying blind now. >>reporter: roger is a renowned sports economist at stanford and explains that major up he have ill is in the works. players don't want a yuchbility not having one would turn them into free agent so they can strike their own deal deals. the owner want the union because it allows collective bargaining and allows anti-trust exemption. >> we could have partial or even complete loss of seasons in every single sport over the next two years. before this works itself out. >>reporter: the nfl future and
9:43 pm
im mr. i indication for pay and other sports came up at sports forum sponsored by the stanford institute for economic policy and research. a grad student who has been analyzing the nba rookie pay cap. >> in the nfl gets their way look for them to try to institute a rookie pay scale similar to the one in the nba. >>reporter: agent for this nba star welcomes free agency for players. he's also a university of chicago economic professor. >> agent representing players would i love to see players be able to go wherever they want. most of views that right to work for whoever we want. >>reporter: talk between players and owners are set for mid may. at stanford, 7 news. passengers on tampa bus got a surprise yesterday when a homeless man got on and started handing out cash. according to the st. petersburg times elmer had just robbed a bank. sheriff's office managed to contact the bus driver. he
9:44 pm
pulled over pretending he had a mechanical failure on the bus. deputy arrested the man, recovered some but not all the money he had given to the other passengers. well in a pretty slick bid for publicity, man named andrew kessler open add book shop in new york west ville annual where the books by him. his one book is called martian summer robot arms, cowboy space men and my 90 days with the phoenix mars mission. he's it is his account of being inside mission control with scientist and engineers. kessler calls himself a mon0bookist though in reality he's the creative director at an advertising agency. >> clever idea. >> still ahead. two hour movie that should probably have been more like 90 minutes but it moved. and it sure moved fast. on the aisle tonight fast
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san francisco. and a forward-thinking spirit. at bank of america, we've been fueling economic growth here for over a century. today, we're investing in innovations that will define our future. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion. from financing a solar project for the milpitas school district to funding the institute at golden gate. because when you're giving, lending,
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and investing in more communities across the country, more opportunities happen.
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>> in theater today the latest in the fast and furious franchise called fast 5. it's a film packed with action and has the biggest advance ticket sales of the year. on the aisle tonight arts entertainment reporter don sanchez puts it in high gear. >> we talk about breaking in a police station. >> this is crazy. >> this is 100 million dollars.
9:48 pm
>> say what? >> i'm down. >>reporter: there's the plot. gang from the past 4 film led by vin and paul back together one last time. after money bad guy drug lord in rio who is gunning for them. but he's not the only one. >> former federal officer spent 5 years in deep cover. >>reporter: they are professional criminal. >>reporter: duane johnson as a fed running after them and fighting big. fast versus furious. this is one wildly choreographed fill william few quiet moment punching waited by simply outrageous ones. >> chances are sooner or later we are going to end up behind bars or buried in a ditch somewhere. but not today. >>reporter: this would have made a fast pace 90 minute film but it stretched to 2 hours plus. you know what, the adrenalin makes it work. >> this went from mission impossible to mission freaking insanity.
9:49 pm
>>reporter: this is motorize muscle mayhem. i have never seen so many cars trashed in my life. some stunt days tie any kind of science. but there is a wow! factor to the whole thing. let's face it. twisted metal and beat up bumper actually have more acting skills than vin diesel. that's not why we come to see the fil film. best of the series yet and yes i'll bet you there will be a fast 6. i have to give this one 3 quarters of a pwibingt bucket. 7 news and well see you on the aisle. >> he's never furious but he does work fast. back to spencer with the forecast. >> okay. get started. thank you dan. >> tomorrow high pressure under sunny skies will be even higher than today. we see upper 70's and mildest location like antioch, high of 79, 78 at santa rosa, lots of mild weather and only going to get milder. now tomorrow afternoon in oakland a's taking on texas rangers 105 in the afternoon
9:50 pm
sunny mild at that hours. the ems at game time to 73 degrees. great baseball weather. state wide tomorrow we see warming through the central valley with high in the 70's and farther south high of 85 at palm springs. 87 at los angeles then on sunday up to 90 at palm springs and just keeps getting warmer up the valley to sacramento and high of 80 on sunday and here's our bay area 7 day forecast. sunny skies all the way through the 7 day period. mild this weekend but warm next week. with high pressure by midweek and mid upper 80's inland. upper 70's around the bay. mid 60's on the coast. >> very nice. >> thanks expense engineer to the opposite end of the spectrum. doesn't work all that fast. always seems to be furious. >> not tonight. in honor of the royal wedding l pshtion ye yes, yes. because you know how biggie am on royalty. sir lauren. sports with sir lawrence. treat me with respect. >> duke of sports. >> 49 ersland quarterback. on
9:51 pm
day 2 of the draft. work with prop often people and shark face off with detroit in the play offs. help me without this. joe coming through as usual. game in overtime. this. joe coming through as usual. game in overtime. >> very nice. ññmw#w#
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
jew coming up at 11:00. questions officials have following the cries of east bay man who is stuck in a are vane for days. >> and atlanta braves on how the team is dealing with the coach who heckled and threatened giants fans. those
9:54 pm
stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but now for the very well dressed larry. i like it. >> duke of sports. or duke of hazard. whatever. any way, on with the shark drop the buck with detroit tonight. sharks outed red wing in the play offs in 5 last year looking for repeat of that. now there was some nice outfits at the royal wedding but nothing like this l fan. that says class. detroit nicholas from the slot. bang bang play and take a lead. second period joe a little snow shower for goalie howard. howard not happy with that. double fisting both men get 2 minutes for roughing. joe gets revenge in the third. serious hand eye coordination here. thornton the shop. rebound and pluck out of mid-air. nicely done. tie at 1. over time where they are right now. still deadlocked at 1 appease
9:55 pm
on day 2 of the draft jim harbaugh got the quarterback. stunning move. niners move newspaper round 2 of the 45 over all pick to 36. take the qb from nevada. announcement made by former niner before great klaivrjt pick number 36 in the 2011 nfl draft san francisco 49 ers select collin cap nick quarterback nevada. >> he ran the spread offense to perfection for the wolf pack. runs like lightning. very strong arm. kind of a fuchbingy delivery. needs work on the touch. pl jim harbaugh his task will be molding him into an nfl quarterback. now the 49 ers brought the no. 1 pick to town today. smith. defensive end from missouri. play linebacker in the pros. his job pretty simple. use the great length and rush the passer. >> helps know fend off block and bigger tackle. helps me
9:56 pm
create and can't get their hand on me. most is natural and some is distinctive. i learn the coach since playing football. >>reporter: rateders did not have a first round selection. their first pick in the draft came today around 2. 48 pick over all. stay in the family with offensive line man a 300 pounder out of penn state. he's the nephew of former raider line man steve whis now on the coaching staff. tail back shane opens eyes at the second round of new england. 56 pick over all. he goes to one of the best franchise ins football. and we'll take hand off from one of the best quarterback in the game brady. i'm saying he did very well for himself today. with a look out lifted early this week players were back at team facilities today but late this afternoon the eighth circuit court granted owner request to temporarily put a hold on the previous ruling. what does
9:57 pm
that all mean. means the lock out is going back into effect. tight end myers was among those at the raider facility today. >> did they issue play book. >> no. not today. i think everyone i think they said they had 30 guys come in. for sure right now. so good sign. maybe not monday. league is restoring the lock out. in fact they have already. they are hoping to get another rule that would allow them to keep the lock out in place permanently but unclear whether that will happen at this point. baseball. a's open up a 4 game series with the champion rangers at the coliseum known as over coliseum. over stocked with fans unfortunately. about that gets lower after this game. first batter high fast ball for strike 3. he didn't agree with the call but he is sitting down any wait a minute 7 scoreless in the game. about back from
9:58 pm
paternity leave. in the fifth. deep to center. wilson. jackson. trying to score from second and he does. 2 zip a in the seventh. suzuki again. double play ball, no. with a throw in the dirt. gets away. martin trots home and the a's win 3-one. giants open 4 game series in the nation capitol. tim on the mound. wilson deep to right center. aaron and ross on collision course here. ramos ends up at second. luckily they are okay. but that could have been by says ter. glove up in the air no more damage than. that next batter is l lance reserve for him and he jumps all over it. all washington needed in the game. giants shut out by jason as tim takes the loss. nba play offs. trail memphis 3 games to 2. fires from beyond
9:59 pm
half court to end the third quarter. san antonio why down 4 but randolph. this was an attack. beats the double team. over opportunity can. scored 31 poychbilitys 99-91 grizzly. they become just the fourth seed l to beat a 1 side in nba play off history. to the shark finish in overtime here. l ben who will shoots and scores. good night game over drive home safely. sharks win 2-1 in overtime. taking a series lead. game 2 is sunday at noon before in the tank. >> duke of sports. >> duke of sports. >> more like >> there you go. >> heads up peter. >> thank you larry very much good one. >> that's this the edition of 7 news. for all of us, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in an hour on the big


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